Jiangyang Huang

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We present an autonomous, mobile, robotics application that requires dynamic adjustments of task execution rates to meet the demands of an unpredictable environment. The Robotic Safety Marker (RSM) system consists of one lead robot, the foreman, and a group of guided robots, called robotic safety markers (a.k.a., barrels). An extensive analysis is conducted(More)
Mobile robotic systems must sense constraints imposed by a dynamically changing environment and predictably react to those changes in real-time. Complexity arises in mobile robotic systems because the computing platform travels through the environment with which the system is interacting. These systems have spatio-temporal requirements in the sense that(More)
This paper presents a method for determining the feasible processing window for a leader robot that controls a group of follower robots. A processing window is defined as the time interval from the instant the platform starts collecting data to the moment the robot leader finishes planning and communicates with follower robots. The method determines the(More)
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