Jiangwei Li

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In this paper, we present a novel approach of using Earth Mover's Distance for video-based face recognition. General methods can be classified into sequential approach and batch approach. Batch approach is to compute a similarity function between two videos. There are two classical batch methods. The one is to compute the angle between subspaces, and the(More)
State Machine Diagram (SMD) is one of the SysML behavior diagrams, but it is a kind of semi-formal model language. As a consequence, models can not be verified conveniently and efficiently, especially in real-time embedded system (RTES) field as there are no descriptions of time and probability in SMD. To address these problems, we extend SMD with time and(More)
Smart phones and external large displays are a superior combination for content sharing and multiple person interaction. However, the potential of such a combination is not fully explored due to the lack of effective and portable interaction solutions. To solve this problem, we present a novel mobile solution called Plug&Touch, which is very easy to be(More)