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—In this paper, a novel kind of algorithm, Real-coded quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm (RQEA), is proposed based on evolutionary programming and quantum computation. In RQEA, several real numbers are directly encoded in a chromosome which is usually represented by quantum bits in quantum evolutionary programming. Quantum computation mechanics is(More)
In recent years, the constrained optimization problems have become a hot topic among the interest of scholars. In this paper, a new improved artificial immune algorithm is proposed and then used for solving constrained optimizations problems (COPs). This algorithm will treat these COPs as multi-objective optimization problems, and it is based on the concept(More)
Recent researches indicate that pulse coupled neural network can be used for image processing, such as image segmentation and edge detection effectively. However, up to now it has mainly been used for the processing of gray images or binary images, and the parameters of the network are always adjusted and confirmed manually for different images, which(More)