Jianguo Zheng

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In this paper, a novel kind of algorithm, real-coded quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm (RQEA), is proposed based on evolutionary programming and quantum computation. In RQEA, several real numbers are directly encoded in a chromosome which is usually represented by quantum bits in quantum evolutionary programming. Quantum computation mechanics is(More)
Posterior probability support vector machines (PPSVMs) prove robust against noises and outliers and need fewer storage support vectors (SVs). Gonen et al. (2008) extended PPSVMs to a multiclass case by both single-machine and multimachine approaches. However, these extensions suffer from low classification efficiency, high computational burden, and more(More)
Traditionally, some common algorithms to optimize the integration of logistics resource are linear programming, dynamic programming, and etc., however, these algorithms can't well solve many complex optimization issues, especially nonlinear issues, because of the continuous growth of issue complexity. On the contrary, intelligent computing technology has(More)
Storage system behaviors are recorded in trace files. The file system trace monitors the file operations from time to time. We show that once a file is created with a set of attributes, such as name, type, permission mode, owner and owner group, its future access frequency is predictable. A regression-tree-based predictive model is established to predict(More)