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Neosalanx taihuensis is an important zooplanktivorous commercial fish that has been widely introduced into Chinese freshwaters. Introduction of this species has induced decline and even extinction of native fish species in some waters. In this study, impacts of N. taihuensis introduction on growth and reproductive characteristics of an indigenous(More)
This paper establishes a model of equivalent price settlement (time-dependent) in engineering construction contracts brought by the principle of time value of capital and completes a sensitivity analysis to the value realization of the contract price from three aspects of the changes in rate of return on investments, settlement frequency and cascade reduced(More)
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The article reveals the status and problems in informationalization of the construction enterprise bases on the investigation and study of the building of enterprise informationalization through some typical cases. According to the indicator system of enterprise informationalization at present, the article puts forward the main contents, the features and(More)
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