Jianguo Jiang

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Person re-identification across disjoint camera views has been widely applied in video surveillance yet it is still a challenging problem. One of the major challenges lies in the lack of spatial and temporal cues, which makes it difficult to deal with large variations of lighting conditions, viewing angles, body poses, and occlusions. Recently, several(More)
The effects of pH, temperature, and organic loading rate (OLR) on the acidogenesis of food waste have been determined. The present study investigated their effects on soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD), volatile fatty acids (VFAs), volatile solids (VS), and ammonia nitrogen (NH4(+)-N). Both the concentration and yield of VFAs were highest at pH 6.0,(More)
In order to overcome the defects of Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) such as nonuniform initial population, slow searching speed in the late evolution and easily trapping into local extremum, a new Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm based on mutation operator and population diversity is proposed in this paper. The algorithm has overcome the disadvantage(More)
H.264 is the new Video Encoding World Standard, how to guarantee its security is an urgent problem. In this paper a new video encryption algorithm for H.264 is proposed, which utilized scrambling of intra-prediction, inter-prediction mode and encryption of transform result, motion vector. The results show that the proposed method exhibits nice security, has(More)
There are more than 66 million people suffering from hearing impairment and this disability brings them difficulty in video content understanding due to the loss of audio information. If the scripts are available, captioning technology can help them in a certain degree by synchronously illustrating the scripts during the playing of videos. However, we show(More)
As an important coordination and cooperation method in multi-agent system, agent coalition mechanism has been receiving more and more attention. An efficient algorithm is needed for this topic since the number of the possible coalitions is exponential. This work proposes an improved ant colony optimization algorithm to find the optimal, task-oriented agent(More)
At present, all kinds of municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fly ash stabilization technology has been reported and successfully applied in many countries. However, leaching procedures are very different that the technologies lack uniform standard, and it is even impossible to predict the long-term stabilization. Geochemical model can explain the(More)
The Tibetan Plateau has an average altitude of more than 4,000 m. The total area of Tibetan Plateau is 2,400,000 km2, which occupies 25% of the area of China. Due to the high altitude, the environment has low atmospheric pressure, low oxygen content, and low temperature, and is also fragile. Investigations concerning MSW generation and characteristics, MSW(More)
Video encryption is becoming increasingly important as multimedia applications gain more and more popularity. With a focus on the widely-used H.264 video coding standard, various encryption algorithms based on the intra prediction mode have been developed while suffering limited scrambling space and inadequate security. In this paper, the existing(More)