Jianguo Jack Wang

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This report describes the genetic characterization of 297 wild-type measles viruses that were isolated in 24 provinces of China between 1995 and 2003. Phylogenetic analysis of the N gene sequences showed that all of the isolates belonged to genotype H1 except 3 isolates, which were genotype A. The nucleotide sequence and predicted amino acid homologies of(More)
Pseudolites, ground-based GPS signal transmitters, can significantly enhance the GPS satellite geometry or can even be an independent positioning system. However, as pseudolites are very close to the receivers, error effects are different from the traditional GPS and should be considered and modeled in a different way. Tropospheric delay is one of the(More)
It is well known that Kalman filtering is an optimal real-time data fusion method for GPS/INS integration. However, it has some limitations in terms of stability, adaptability and observability. A Kalman filter can perform optimally only when its dynamic model is correctly defined and the noise statistics for the measurement and process are completely(More)
Systems from the UNSW. His current research interest is precision kinematic positioning and navigation system integration. research is focused on developing an integrated positioning and geo-referencing platform for mobile mapping and navigation applications. Fellow of the International Association (IAG) of Geodesy. Jinling is a member of the Editorial(More)
The complete small subunit rRNA (SSrRNA) gene sequence (2,142 nucleotides) of the freshwater fish trypanosome Trypanosoma ophiocephali Chen (1964) was determined. The phylogenetic analysis deduced using neighbor-joining, maximum parsimony, and Bayesian methods demonstrated the existence of an "aquatic clade". T. ophiocephali was revealed to be a member of(More)
This paper introduces a new 3D landmark extraction method using the range and intensity images captured by a single range camera. Speeded up robust features (SURF) detection and matching is used to extract and match features from the intensity images. The range image information is used to transfer the selected 2D features into 3D points. The range(More)
GPS has been widely used as a geo-referencing tool in aerial surveying. However, the accuracy and availability of GPS positioning cannot meet the stringent requirements of large-scale photogrammetry. G round-based pseudolites can strengthen measurement geometry for GPS based airborne geo-referencing systems. As a result, positioning accuracy and reliability(More)
Maps with 3D visual models are becoming a remarkable feature of 3D map services. High-resolution image data is obtained for the construction of 3D visualized models.The3D map not only provides the capabilities of 3D measurements and knowledge mining, but also provides the virtual experienceof places of interest, such as demonstrated in the Google Earth.(More)