Jianguo Huang

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Protein-coding genes account for only a small part of the human genome, whereas the vast majority of transcripts make up the non-coding RNAs including long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs). Accumulating evidence indicates that lncRNAs could play a critical role in regulation of cellular processes such as cell growth and apoptosis as well as cancer progression and(More)
Adaptive filtering algorithms operating in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces have demonstrated superiority over their linear counterpart for nonlinear system identification. Unfortunately, an undesirable characteristic of these methods is that the order of the filters grows linearly with the number of input data. This dramatically increases the(More)
In this paper, multicode direct-sequence spread spectrum is considered to achieve high-speed data transmission in underwater acoustic channel, where extended multipath and rapid time-variability is encountered and the conventional RAKE receiver usually fails to function. To track and compensate the channel distortion, a decentralized hypothesis-feedback(More)
BACKGROUND Inflammatory mediators participate in the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of skin disease (e.g. eczema). Although some investigators have suggested that serotonin may participate in the eczematous process, there has been little substantial evidence. Our objective was to study further the participation of serotonin in the pathogenesis of chronic(More)
In array signal process field, Eigen Increment Threshold (EIT) was widely adopted for its better performance of number-detection than traditional AIC and MDL method. However, EIT has to face the challenge of detection probability (PD) descending while the power of sources is quite different. In this paper, after some analysis to the variety of the(More)
It is well known that upon stress, the level of the tumor suppressor p53 is remarkably elevated. However, despite extensive studies, the underlying mechanism involving important inter-players for stress-induced p53 regulation is still not fully understood. We present evidence that the human lincRNA-RoR (RoR) is a strong negative regulator of p53. Unlike(More)
The CRISPR/Cas has been recently shown to be a powerful genome-editing tool in a variety of organisms. However, these studies are mainly focused on protein-coding genes. The present study aims to determine whether this technology can be applied to non-coding genes. One of the challenges for knockout of non-coding genes is that a small deletion or insertion(More)
Distributed learning over networks has become an active topic of research in the last decade. Adaptive networks are suitable for decentralized inference tasks, e.g., to monitor complex natural phenomena or infrastructure. Most of works focus on distributed estimation methods of linear regression models. However, there are many important applications that(More)
BACKGROUND In bone tissue engineering, extracellular matrix exerts critical influence on cellular interaction with porous biomaterial and the apatite playing an important role in the bonding process of biomaterial to bone tissue. The aim of this study was to observe the therapeutic effects of hybrid rapid prototyping (RP) scaffolds comprising(More)