Jianguo Du

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BACKGROUND The zebrafish intestine is a simple tapered tube that is folded into three sections. However, whether the intestine is functionally similar along its length remains unknown. Thus, a systematic structural and functional characterization of the zebrafish intestine is desirable for future studies of the digestive tract and the intestinal biology and(More)
CXC chemokines, which induce angiogenesis, have glutamine-leucine-arginine amino acid residues (ELR motif) in the amino terminus and bind CXCR2 and the Duffy antigen chemokine-binding protein. Duffy, a seven transmembrane protein that binds CXC and CC chemokines, has not been shown to couple to trimeric G proteins or to transduce intracellular signals,(More)
In reality, manufacturers motivate sales agents to increase promotional effort with the sales rebate and penalty contract, the agents always concern about the fairness, and information flow structure among agents is a small-world network. In order to improve incentive performance under this situation, this paper builds a multi-agent model mainly to observe(More)
Emergency is an important factor resulting in supply disruption risk. How to deal with emergency in supply chain arouses managers’ and researchers’ attention in recent years. In order to improve the effect of supply disruption risk management under this situation, this paper builds the supply disruption Emergency Management Model of supply chain from the(More)
To determine signaling pathways responsible for modulation of COX-2 expression in nontransformed and transformed epithelial cells, we studied a rat intestinal epithelial (RIE) cell line expressing constitutively active Ras and RhoA. Expression of COX-2 protein was higher in RIE-RhoA(63L) (four-fold) and RIE-Ras(12V) (seven-fold) cells than in parental(More)
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