Jianguang Xie

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This paper, for the first time, investigates the characteristics of different output metrics for a three degree-of-freedom (DoF) coupled resonator sensor. The main aspects examined are sensitivity and linear range. It is shown from theoretical estimations, equivalent RLC circuit model simulations and electrical measurements that using the vibration(More)
This paper reports an orthogonal analysis method for decoupling on structural parameters of microthrusters. Geometrical parameters that impact the performance of microthruster are sorted by range analysis, which is first used to explore how to fully decouple structural parameters. The results show that the throat width affects the thrust seriously. Although(More)
This paper reports on a 3-DoF mode localization resonant sensor experimentally evaluated under atmospheric conditions. It was demonstrated that using amplitude ratio as an output signal, even when the device is operated in air, yields a higher sensitivity compared to frequency variation sensitivity when assuming vacuum conditions.
This study is focused on investigating the effectiveness of low heat accumulation asphalt mixture and its impact on the urban heat environment. Infrared radiation experiments showed that the temperature of the asphalt mixture decreased with the increase in far-infrared radiant material. The results also revealed that, compared to asphalt with 0%(More)
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