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An Energy Consumption Balanced Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
By optimizing the election probability of cluster-head, an improved energy consumption balanced algorithm LEACH-EP is proposed and simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can balance energy consumption of nodes and prolong the lifetime of network. Expand
Analysis of Key Technologies for Cognitive Radio Based Wireless Sensor Networks
On the basis of detailed analysis of the involved key technologies for CR-based WSNs, the related solutions are introduced and a new hardware structure of sensor node is proposed and energy-saving design strategies are discussed. Expand
An energy-efficient adaptive clustering routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks
An energy-efficient adaptive clustering routing algorithm (EEACRA) for wireless sensor networks was proposed, in order to overcome the drawbacks with the cluster heads in LEACH, such asExpand
Design of monitor system for grain depots based on wireless sensor network
The safety of grain storage is a significant thing that concerns people's living quality and national economic development. It is exceedingly important for manager to timely master the grain storageExpand
A Self-Adaptive Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
The network routing could be simplified by clustering algorithm in wireless sensor network (WSN) by adopting loop-avoidance mechanism, and the correctness of routing selection is ensured when adjusting the cluster structure. Expand
Application of Wireless Sensor Network in Monitor System for Grain Depots
A novel scheme of the monitor system for grain depots is proposed based on wireless sensor network (WSN), which utilizes the intelligent method of wireless communication to transmit data without fixed network support. Expand
An Interconnected Scheme of Interphone Systems via Ethernet Based on VxWorks
An interphone system interconnection architecture is proposed, and on the basis of this architecture a verification system is implemented with development board APEX-PMC-3010 made by Hwa Create. Expand
Fuzzy evaluation algorithm for system effectiveness of wireless sensor networks
Evaluation of System Effectiveness (SE) plays a significant role in network design, construction, optimization, etc. of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). This paper develops a rational andExpand
A new data gathering scheme for trajectory constrained mobile sink in WSN
This paper proposes a new data diffusion scheme - implementing a new Pre-Diffusion Algorithm (PDA) in a hierarchical WSN aimed at improving data gathering efficiency. Expand
A Method of Modeling and Simulation for Wireless Network Based on HLA
A simulation platform for an L-band TDMA wireless network in OPNET Modeler as a federate is developed and a device simulator federate and a simulation controller federate are designed for this simulation. Expand