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Searching for information by search engines has been gaining popularity in recent years. However, results returned by most Chinese Web search engines usually reach up to thousands or even millions documents, so search results clustering is of critical need for on-line grouping of similar documents to improve user experience while searching collections of(More)
To represent the textual knowledge more expressively, a kind of semantic-based graph structure is proposed, in which more semantic and ordering information among terms as well as the structural information of the text are incorporated. Such model can be constructed by extracting representative terms from texts and their mutually semantic relationships.(More)
In this paper, we propose an improved information retrieval model, where the integration of modification-words and head-words is introduced into the representation of user queries and the traditional vector space model. We show how to calculate the weights of combined terms in vectors. We also propose a new strategy to construct the thesaurus in a fuzzy way(More)
The use of gaseous ozone as a fungicide to preserve stored barley was studied. The effects of the following operating parameters on the fungicidal efficacy of ozone were examined: 1) the applied ozone dose, 2) ozonation time, 3) water activity of barley, and 4) temperature of barley. The effect of ozonation on germination of barley was also investigated.(More)
Over the past decades, organic-inorganic hybrid polymers have been applied in different fields, including the adsorption of pollutants from wastewater and solid-state separations. In this review, firstly, these compounds are classified. These compounds are prepared by sol-gel method, self-assembly process (mesopores), assembling of nanobuilding blocks(More)
As an important source for discovering new competitive technological intelligence involved in enterprises, patents can be analyzed to identify the technological strategy and the potential competitors. Based on the patent citation information, the weighted and directed enterprise citation network is established. Based on the modified PageRank algorithm, a(More)