Jianglei Huo

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The chemical compositions and bioactivities of crude tea polysaccharides (TPS) from the out-of-date tea leaves (beyond their useful date), namely Xihu Longjing (XTPS), Anxi Tieguanyin (TTPS), Chawentianxia (CTPS) and Huizhoulvcha (HTPS), in market were investigated. These TPS showed similar neutral sugar content and different distribution of molecular(More)
Four polysaccharides (TPS-F, TPS-V, TPS-S and TPS-M) were obtained from tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves by freeze-drying, vacuum-drying, spray-drying and microwave-vacuum drying, respectively. Their chemical composition and biological properties were comparatively studied. The results showed these TPS were similar in IR, UV absorption and distribution of(More)
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