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The plant electrical signal has some features, e.g. weak, low-frequency and time-varying. To detect changes in plant electrical signals, LED light source was used to create a controllable light environment in this study. The electrical signal data were collected from Sansevieria leaves under the different illumination conditions, and the data was analyzed(More)
Sudden falls of large-area hard roofs in a mined area release a large amount of elastic energy, generate dynamic loads, and cause disasters such as impact ground pressure and gas outbursts. To address these problems, in this study, the sleeve fracturing method (SFM) was applied to weaken a hard roof. The numerical simulation software FLAC 3D was used to(More)
Osteocytes, the major type of bone cells which reside in their lacunar and canalicular system within the bone matrix, function as biomechanosensors and biomechanotransducers of the bone. Although biomechanical behaviour of the osteocyte-lacunar-canalicular system has been investigated in previous studies mostly using computational 2-dimensional (2D)(More)
A suspected pulmonary nodule detection method was proposed based on dot-filter and extracting centerline algorithm. In this paper, we focus on the distinguishing adhesion pulmonary nodules attached to vessels in two-dimensional (2D) lung computed tomography (CT) images. Firstly, the dot-filter based on Hessian matrix was constructed to enhance the circular(More)
Peripheral nerves are important pathways for receiving afferent sensory impulses and sending out efferent motor instructions, as carried out by sensory nerve fibers and motor nerve fibers. It has remained a great challenge to functionally reconnect nerve internal fiber bundles (or fascicles) in nerve repair. One possible solution may be to establish a 3D(More)
The poor coal loading performance of a shearer drum primarily restricts the widespread application of the shearer and affects the mining efficiency in thin seam mining. The coal loading performance of the shearer drum is influenced by several factors, such as geographical environment, drum structural parameters, and motion parameters. In addition to the(More)
The denture feature modeling and processing was studied by using the standard dental resin model with reverse engineering technology. After model scanning, data processing and surface fitting, a CAD model was created. Meanwhile, the teeth surface model of the permanent teeth crowns and the standard model of the entire column jaw teeth were established.(More)
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