Jianghua Xie

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When the inductor current of boundary conduction mode (BCM) Buck converter, falls to zero, the output filter inductor will resonate with the capacitor across the switch called Quasi Resonant (QR). If the switch is turned on when the voltage of resonant capacitor is zero, ZVS and ZCS turn-on can be achieved, the switching loss is eliminated. This thesis(More)
The Dual Buck Inverter (DBI) does not need dead time and has no shoot-through concerns and the free-wheeling diodes can be chosen independently with fast reverse recovery features to minimize switching loss, it has great advantages in reliability and efficiency. However, since the current of filter inductors is half cycle sinusoidal wave, the utilization(More)
An accurate method was developed for determining ochratoxin A (OTA) in pig kidney using an immunoaffinity column for cleanup and ultra-HPLC/MS/MS for identification and quantification. Mean recoveries of OTA from kidney samples fortified at 0.10-5 μg/kg levels ranged from 74 to 92%, with RSDs of 4.6-7.5%. The LOD was estimated to be 0.03 μg/kg and the LOQ(More)
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