Jianghua Lv

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Applications in the open and dynamic environment become more intelligent and complicated. To secure these applications is a big challenge. RBAC model, as a de facto standard in access control field, is widely used in many applications. But the lack of dynamic and formal method to describe RBAC makes the model can’t completely adapt to the open and(More)
BACKGROUND MicroRNA (miR)-376 family play crucial roles in cancer formation and progression. OBJECTIVE To investigate expression patterns of circulating miR-376 members in glioma patients, and to explore their diagnostic and prognostic values. METHODS Expression of miR-376 members in serum samples from 100 glioma patients and 50 healthy controls were(More)
Constraints handling problem in combinational testing is an intensive computation process. In this paper, we present an effective algorithm, called IPO SAT (In-Parameter-Order-Satisfiability), for pairwise test case generation in presence of constraints. In our strategy, constraints are denoted as forbidden tuples, which are converted to conjunctive normal(More)
In this paper, we calculate global signal distribution of medical images, including intensity distribution and direction of the signal. We can get a global signal vector diagram from medical image and correct intensity and direction of medical image signal to global uniformity. Our method can precisely correct the intensity inhomogeneity caused by machinery(More)
The need for safety critical systems (SCS) is both important and urgent, and their evaluation and verification are test-dependent. SCS are usually complex and very large, so manual testing of SCS are infeasible in practice, and developing automatic test approaches for SCS has become an important trend. This paper defines a formal semantics model for(More)
The paper presents an unified Description Logic (DL) model for databases. Describing database models using DLs is a fundamental problem in many areas because it turns databases to logical systems with enriched semantics and enhanced reasoning mechanism. A typical relational database model comprises three components: relational data model, relational(More)
Data integration is the problem of combining data residing at distributed sources. Despite its importance, there is no universal architecture available because of the limitations of available technologies. The emerging of SOA and the application of ontology provide a new starting point for solving the problem. By making use of services and ontology(More)
In-Parameter-Order (IPO) algorithm is an effective strategy of combinatorial testing. And several variants of the algorithm have been developed for reducing the runtime and size of test cases or for dealing with certain problems in test case generation, such as IPOG, IPOG-F and IPOG-F2. In this paper, the general optimization strategies, which can be(More)