Jianghua Huang

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The effect of the toxin vulculic acid produced by Nimbya alternantherae, on the photosynthetic apparatus of Alternanthera philoxeroides, was investigated via the photochemical activity and SDS-PAGE of protein on thylakoid membranes, fast chlorophyll a fluorescence transient measurements and the JIP-test. The electron transport rate of photosystem II (PSII),(More)
In practical applications, wireless sensor network (WSN) generate massive data streams with the spatial and sensor measurements information, and moreover, energy source of sensors is usually limited. Therefore, minimizing sensors energy expenditure and consequently extending the network lifetime is the major challenge in WSN. This paper presents an(More)
A new nematode species was recovered from the syconia of Ficus altissima from the residential area of Huajingxincheng, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China during a survey of nematode diversity. Schistonchus altissimus n. sp. is characterised by having females with a short post-uterine sac, an ovoid spermatheca and a conoid tail with a mucron in the female,(More)
The little known genus Mimonemophas was erected by Breuning (1961) with M. quadrifasciatus Breuning as the type species, which was described based on a single male specimen from Vietnam. The genus Mimonemophas is similar to Anoplophora Hope in appearance but different from it by elytra densely clothed with thick bristle-like hairs on non-pubescent region,(More)
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