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The telecare medicine information system enables or supports health-care delivery services. In order to safeguard patients’ privacy, such as telephone number, medical record number, health information, etc., a secure authentication scheme will thus be in demand. Recently, Wu et al. proposed a smart card based password authentication scheme for the telecare(More)
BACKGROUND Previous reports have suggested that malignant transformations originate from adult stem cells, and may thus express the stem-cell-associated markers. The purpose of this study is to investigate the differential expression and clinical significance of seven stem-cell-associated markers (Bmi1, CD133, CD44, Sox2, Nanog, OCT4 and Msi2) in lung(More)
In distributed systems, the smart card based password au-thentication, as one of the most convenient and efficient two-factor authentication mechanisms, is widely used to ensure that the protected services are not available to unauthorized users. Recently, Li et al. demonstrated that the smart card based password authentication scheme proposed by Chen et(More)