Jianghe Zheng

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The basic sets of cortical connections are present at birth in the primate visual system. The maintenance and refinement of these innate connections are highly dependent on normal visual experience, and prolonged exposure to binocularly uncorrelated signals early in life severely disrupts the normal development of binocular functions. However, very little(More)
Treatment of small resting B cells with soluble F(ab')2 fragments of anti-IgM, an analogue of T-independent type 2 antigens, induced activation characterized by proliferation and the expression of surface CD5. In contrast, B cells induced to proliferate in response to thymus-dependent inductive signals provided by either fixed activated T-helper 2 cells or(More)
Neurons in the adult visual cortex are capable of integrating signals over a large area that surrounds their classic receptive field (RF), and this ability of cortical neurons is thought to be intimately involved in perceptual binding. It is not known, however, at what age these long-range signal interactions emerge. Here, we report that qualitatively(More)
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