Jiangfeng Wang

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Performance evaluation of a thermodynamic system under off-design conditions is very important for reliable and cost-effective operation. In this study, an off-design model of an organic Rankine cycle driven by solar energy is established with compound parabolic collector (CPC) to collect the solar radiation and thermal storage unit to achieve the(More)
The succession of insect communities on carrion varies at local and global spatial scales. As such, ecological succession data obtained from corpses at one geographic location cannot necessarily be applied to other locations. Our study describes this succession in the far southern part of China to provide such data for forensic cases in this region. A total(More)
It is well known and broadly accepted that the leader-predecessor framework has been proposed to fix the string instability which is caused by applying the single-predecessor information framework. However, a reasonable but easily neglected fact is that the communication delay between the leading vehicle and the following vehicle is larger than the(More)
Rural non-interstate crashes induce a significant amount of severe injuries and fatalities. Examination of such injury patterns and the associated contributing factors is of practical importance. Taking into account the ordinal nature of injury severity levels and the hierarchical feature of crash data, this study employs a hierarchical ordered logit model(More)
A recurrent neural network is presented for solving systems of quadratic programming problems with equality constraints involving complex-valued coefficients. The proposed recurrent neural network is asymptotically stable and able to generate optimal solutions to quadratic programs with equality constraints. An opamp based analogue circuit realization of(More)
AbstractAim:This study was designed to examine the effect of scutellarein on high glucose- and hypoxia-stimulated proliferation of human retinal endothelial cells (HREC).Methods:HREC were cultured under normal glucose (NG), moderate, and high glucose (NG supplemented with 10 or 25 mmol/L D-glucose) and/or hypoxic (cobalt chloride treated) conditions. Cell(More)
In this paper, first of all, we introduce the normal particle swarm optimization algorithms (PSO), for this kind of algorithms, there are problems like it easily stuck at a local minimum point and its convergence speed is slow. To overcome this, an improved particle swarm optimization algorithms is presented for improving global and local search ability of(More)
The appearance of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) makes vehicle active safety technologies develop quickly, and collision warning system (CWS) can warn drivers of an impending collision event in advance, then the accident will be avoided. Firstly, paper carries on the analysis of common parameters in CWS, and reviews measurement methods of distance(More)
The operational efficiency and safety of pedestrian flows at intersections is an important aspect of urban traffic. Particularly, conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles in crosswalk are one of the most influential factors for intersection safety. This paper presents a cellular automata model that simulates pedestrian and vehicle crossing behaviors at(More)