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Crustal evolution of southeastern China: Nd and Sr isotopic evidence
We present a synthesis of crustal evolution in SE China based on extensive Nd and Sr isotopic data compiled from the literature for intrusive granitoids, volcanic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocksExpand
Mantle xenoliths from Late Cretaceous basalt in eastern Shandong Province: New constraint on the timing of lithospheric thinning in eastern China
The age of the alkali basalt from Daxizhuang in Jiaozhou, eastern Shandong, was determined to be 73.5±0.3 Ma by 40Ar-39Ar technique. The basalt gave high εNd(t) values of +7.5 and +7.6, suggestingExpand
The characteristics and origins of cleat in coal from Western North China
Cleat in coal influences the occurrence, migration, and production of coalbed methane. Therefore, research on the cleat can provide some important information for coalbed methane exploration andExpand
Geochemistry of Cretaceous mafic rocks from the Lower Yangtze region, eastern China: Characteristics and evolution of the lithospheric mantle
Abstract Geochemical and isotopic data for Cretaceous mafic rocks (basalt, gabbro, and diorite) from the Lower Yangtze region, northern Yangtze block, constrain the evolution of the lithosphericExpand
Os-Os dating of copper and molybdenum deposits along the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, China
The (186)Os-(187)Os and (188)Os-(187)Os dating techniques were modified and applied to molybdenites from two Cu vein deposits and three Mo skarn deposits along the middle and lower reaches of theExpand
Formation of cogenetic quartz and nepheline syenites
Abstract Understanding the processes involved in the formation of cogenetic silica-undersaturated and silica-saturated felsic rocks in alkaline igneous complexes has been a long-standing enigmaExpand
Formation of positive εNd(T) granitoids from the Alataw Mountains, Xinjiang, China, by mixing and fractional crystallization: implication for Phanerozoic crustal growth
Abstract Syn-collisional granitic plutons intruded into Devonian and Carboniferous sedimentary and volcanic rocks along the southern slope of the Alataw Mountains in the North Tianshan fold belt.Expand
Re-Os dating of Mo-bearing black shale of the Laoyaling deposit, Tongling, Anhui Province, China
Laoyaling is a typical stratiform deposit in the Tongling district and the molybdenum orebody is hosted by black shale of the Dalong Formation of the Upper Permian system. Eight black shale samplesExpand
Mineral isotope evidence for the contemporaneous process of Mesozoic granite emplacement and gneiss metamorphism in the Dabie orogen
Abstract Kinetics of isotopic equilibrium in the mineral radiometric systems of igneous and metamorphic rocks is an important issue in geochronology. It turns out that temperature is the mostExpand
Relationships between O isotope equilibrium, mineral alteration and Rb–Sr chronometric validity in granitoids: implications for determination of cooling rate
A combined study of mineral O and Rb–Sr isotopes was carried out for a number of Mesozoic granitoids in China in order to compare the degree of O isotope equilibrium between coexisting minerals, withExpand