Jiangdong Cai

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It had been proved that the trends of the mountains, the shapes of the rivers, even the distribution of the various plants had the characteristics of fractal. Fractal and multi-fractal can be used to describe complex geometric shapes such as regular Cantor sets with non-uniform mass distributions. Investigation indicated that fractal and multi-fractal(More)
Soil fabric describes the arrangement, shape, size, and size distribution of the mineral constituents of a soil. On a small scale, the soil micro-fabric can be studied by looking at undisturbed samples under a scanning electron microscope or it can be described under high-resolution optical microscope in thin section. Different kinds of soil fabrics(More)
Soil on the surface of the earth is the remnants of weathered rock and strata with layer structure appear a time series feature. Static cone penetrate test (CPT) is an exploration technology which can obtain the physical indices of strata accurately. Study shows that specific penetration resistances (Ps values) of soil vary with the buried depth of strata(More)
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