Jiangbo Pu

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Self-organized criticality emerged in neural activity is one of the key concepts to describe the formation and the function of developing neuronal networks. The relationship between critical dynamics and neural development is both theoretically and experimentally appealing. However, whereas it is well-known that cortical networks exhibit a rich repertoire(More)
Slow oscillations in the hippocampus are correlated with memory consolidation and brain diseases. The characteristic firings of the hippocampal network in vitro are still poorly understood. Here, spontaneous oscillations(~0.004 Hz) were found in high-density hippocampal networks by multi-electrode arrays after 30 days in vitro.This kind of spontaneous(More)
Using multiple nonlinear techniques, we revealed the existence of chaos in the spontaneous activity of neuronal networks in vitro. The spatial-temporal dynamics of these networks indicated that emergent transition between chaotic behavior and superburst occurred periodically in low-frequency oscillations. An analysis of network-wide activity indicated that(More)
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