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We were interested extremely to read the paper written by Chris Dong et al. in your journal that compared the effects on labor pain management by applying electro-acupuncture at two acupoints of EX-B2 and SP6. We were very pleased to see that electro-acupuncture at these acupoints could reduce labor pain and shorten the duration of active phase of labor in(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The options for managing spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH) include conservative treatment, surgical removal of the haematoma and minimally invasive treatment with clot aspiration and subsequent fibrinolytic therapy. The discussion over which treatment is best for ICH remains controversial and management of patients with(More)
Posterior circulation ischemia (PCI) is a common clinical ischemic cerebrovascular disease that can endanger the lives of patients in severe cases. Our previous research found that needling the Fengchi (GB20) acupoint presents a significant effect on PCI and that different acupuncture directions can exert different effects. To investigate the biological(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral infarction frequently leads to mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Prompt management of MCI can prevent vascular dementia and improve patient outcome. This single center randomized controlled trial aims to investigate the efficacy and safety of acupuncture and nimodipine to treat post-cerebral infarction MCI. METHODS A total of 126(More)
Pockels cell (PPC), which can use a thin crystal to perform the uniform electro-optical effect, is ideal component as average-power optical switch with large aperture. In this paper, the key problems in PPC are analyzed for repetition-rate application, and thermo-optical effects are simulated by means of numerical modeling when average power is loaded on(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the reference of urinary. cadmium of the general population in rural high background areas of soil cadmium and non-cadmium contaminated in China. METHODS In rural high background areas of soil cadmium and non-cadmium contaminated, randomly selected non-occupational-cadmium exposed population 1134 people (male 519, female 615) with each(More)
High-energy and repetition-rate laser systems under development for studying of inertial fusion energy (IFE) and high energy intensity physics use a multi-pass amplifier architecture to reduce costs and physical size of the facility. In these amplifier systems, the combination of repetition-rate Pockels cell and a thin-film polarizer forms an optical(More)
We demonstrate a hybrid-electrode Pockels cell (HEPC) using a thin z-cut deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate (DKDP) crystal. The device is a reflective, longitudinally driven, longitudinally cooled Pockels cell, constructed with a plasma chamber providing the incident-side electrode and a silicon-substrate mirror serving the three purposes of a(More)
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