Jiangang Zhang

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Io this paper, a robust and efficient watermarking algorithm is proposed for copyright protection of digital images. The proposed algorithm can also be extended to video sequences. Based on Eo et al.'s image-in-image watermarking algorithm [I], the proposed algorithm uses an integer discrete cosine transform (IntDCT) [q. It is based on the IotDCT transform(More)
Five hundred and seventy nine Chinese patients with schizophrenia who met DSMIV criteria for the disorder were genotyped for alleles epsilon 2,3,4 of apolipoprotein E (APOE) gene. All were recruited from inpatients and outpatients attending a large mental health centre in Shanghai. Results were compared to APOE data on 1528 controls drawn from the same(More)
The analysis of the vast storehouse of email content accumulated or produced by individual users has received relatively little attention other than for specific tasks such as relationship. Current email analysis in standard client applications consists of keyword based matching techniques for relationship of email files. We have implemented a tool, called(More)
With popularity of different kind of search engines on WWW, it requires the backend storage system to provide better physical I/O performance to speedup the query service perceived by end users. However, existing general purpose designed replacement algorithm can’t performs well for the web search applications. This paper first studies the access(More)
The mainly traditional File Systems are constructed on single device where the metadata and data access interfere with each other which will lead to performance degradations. In this paper we propose a volume based mechanism in BWFS to separate metadata from data into different devices by isolations both in store location and IO path. Test result has(More)