Jiangang Cheng

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Fingerprint enhancement is a critical step in a fingerprint identific ation system. Recently, some anisotropic nonlinear diffusion filter is applied to the fingerprint preprocessed. Impressive results are main reason for using nonlinear diffusion filtering in image processing. Poor efficiency, especially the computational load, is the main reason for not(More)
Fingerprint enhancement is a critical step in fingerprint identification. Most of the existing enhancement uses a set of contextual filters to enhance fingerprint. The main drawback of these methods is these contextual filters based on the local information of the fingerprint, such as ridge width, orientation, curvature et al. These information are(More)
This paper discussed systematically the conception, attribute and model of service supply chain for solving the problems of current research situation. So they reviewed and redefined the conception of service supply chain, discussed the attributes of object, structure, dynamic and operation, proposed the mathematical model. At last, the authors describe an(More)
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