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Griseusins F and G, spiro-naphthoquinones from a tin mine tailings-derived alkalophilic Nocardiopsis species.
Griseusins F (1) and G (2), two 2a-hydro-8a-(2-oxopropyl)-substituted spiro-naphthoquinones with a previously undescribed C23 polyketide skeleton, were isolated from a Yunnan tin mineExpand
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Griseusin D, a New Pyranonaphthoquinone Derivative from a Alkaphilic Nocardiopsis sp.
A new pyranonaphthoquinone antibiotic, griseusin D (1) was isolated from the cultural fluid of the alkaphilic Nocardiopsis sp. The structure was determined as 5′-one-4-hydroxy-12-methoxygriseusin byExpand
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Naphthospironone a: an unprecedented and highly functionalized polycyclic metabolite from an alkaline mine waste extremophile.
Extremophiles, microorganisms surviving in various extreme environments, have developed unique defenses that either tolerate or favor extremes of pH, temperature, salinity, pressure and radiation.Expand
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A new isoflavone derivative from Streptomyces sp. YIM GS3536
A new natural product named 7-O-methyl-8-chlorogenistein (1) was isolated together with eight known isoflavones, 8-chlorogenistein (2), kakkatin (3), 7-O-methyl genistein (4), genistein (5), daidzeinExpand
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Two new diketopiperazines from the tin mine tailings-derived fungus Schizophyllum commune YIM DT 10058
Abstract Two new diketopiperazines, named diphenylalazine C (1) and epicoccin U (2), together with six known compounds (3–8) were isolated from the EtOAc extract of the fermentation broth of the tinExpand
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1H and 13C NMR assignments of eight nitrogen containing compounds from Nocardia alba sp.nov (YIM 30243T)
An unprecedented new natural product named nocarsin A (1), 5H‐4a,6,7a‐triazacyclopenta[cd]indene‐5,7(6H)‐dione (1), together with seven known compounds lumichrome (2), cyclo (L‐Leu‐L‐Tyr) (3), cycloExpand
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Two new sesquiterpenes from cultures of the basidiomycete Agaricus arvensis
Two new drimane sesquiterpenoids, 11,12-dihydroxy-15-drimeneoic acid (1) and 3α,11,15-trihydroxydrimene (2), were isolated from cultures of the basidiomycete Agaricus arvensis, together with oneExpand
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Stachartins A – E, Phenylspirodrimanes from the Tin Mine Tailings‐Associated Fungus Stachybotrys chartarum
Eight phenylspirodrimane-type analogues, including five new compounds, named stachartins A – E (1, 3, 6 – 8), were isolated from cultures of the tin mine tailings-associated fungus StachybotrysExpand
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Sesquiterpenoids and an ergosterol from cultures of the fungus Daedaleopsis tricolor
Four new bisabolane sesquiterpenoids daedatrins A-D (1–4), a cadinane sesquiterpene 12-hydroxy-α-cadinol (5), and a heptanorergosterane derivative daedatrin G (6) were isolated from cultures of theExpand
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A new phenylspirodrimane dimer from the fungus Stachybotrys chartarum.
A new phenylspirodrimane dimer, named stachartarin A (1), was isolated from cultures of the tin mine tailings-associated fungus Stachybotrys chartarum. Its structures were elucidated by means ofExpand
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