Jiang-nan Feng

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AIM To explore the possibility of repression of chloromycetin (Cm) acyl transferase by using external guided sequence (EGS) in order to converse the clinical E coli isolates from Cm- resistant to Cm- sensitive. METHODS EGS directed against chloromycetin acetyl transferase gene (cat) was cloned to vector pEGFP-C1 which contains the kanamycin (Km)(More)
OBJECTIVE To construct recombinant expression vectors of small interfering RNA (siRNA) targeting survivin and investigate apoptosis of glioma cell line U251 mediated by the survivin-targeting siRNA. METHODS According to the sequence of the coding region of survivin gene, two strings of 19 nucleotides of inverted sequence flanking the loop sequence of two(More)
Autophagy is a major cellular pathway used to degrade long-lived proteins or organelles that may be damaged due to increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by cellular stress. Autophagy typically enhances cell survival, but it may also act to promote cell death under certain conditions. The mechanism underlying this paradox, however, remains(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the possibility of phenotypic conversion of clinical chloromycetin (Cm)-resistant isolates of E.coli to drug-sensitive ones with external guide sequences (EGS) in vitro. METHODS Recombinant EGS plasmids directed against Cm acetyl transferase (cat) and containing kanamycin (Km) drug-resistance gene and control plasmids only containing(More)
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