Jiang-feng Chu

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In 2009, Zeng Ping et al. proposed a new Group Key Agreement protocol Based on the ID-AGKA protocol which uses full binary tree structure and each tree node represents a user. Their protocol support users to join or leave the group at any time and the session key will be changed with the users' dynamic changes. In this paper, we point out that Zeng Ping et(More)
In 2009, Mengbo Hou and Qiuliang Xu found the key replicating attack in the BR93 security model on a Certificateless two-party authenticated key agreement protocol proposed by Y.J Shi and J.H Li. In 2010, Marko Hölbl, Tatjana Welzer and Boštjan Brumen proposed a one-round identity-based three-party authenticated key agreement protocol using(More)
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