Jiang-an Wang

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Digital image scrambling is commonly used for image data security. This paper proposes an image scrambling algorithm based on chaos theory and Vigenère cipher. The scrambling process is performed on the grey level of each pixel by sorting the chaotic sequence as Vigenère cipher, then the pixel positions are shuffled by accompanied chaotic sequence. The new(More)
Erythropoietin (EPO) was first identified as a hematopoietic cytokine that stimulates proliferation and differentiation of erythroid progenitor cells and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for chronic renal disease patients with anemia. In neural tissues, EPO is working via EPO receptors and induces non-hematopoietic effects.(More)
A 19 mW highly integrated GPS receiver with a ΣΔfractional-N synthesizer is presented in this paper. Fractional-N frequency synthesizer architecture was adopted in this work, to provide more degrees of freedom in the synthesizer design. A high linearity low noise amplifier (LNA) is integrated into the chip. The radio receiver chip was fabricated in a 0.18(More)
An outlier mining based algorithm is presented to detect dim target in sea and sky background infrared image sequences. Firstly, according to the characteristic that dim target intensity is not correlation with background, viewed the target pixels as outliers; and then used an outlier mining algorithm based on local reachability density (lrd) to detect the(More)
The neural network has powerful learning function and can lightly solve the nonlinear problem. This paper uses the back propagation neural networks to recognize the class of underwater air bubbles film. The experiment result shows that the accuracy rate can reach 80%, which indicates that the class can be effectively recognized with this method.
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