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Effect of marman clamp system on dynamic characteristics of spacecraft
Marman clamp system is usually used to fasten spacecraft and the launch vehicle, or different sections of spacecraft. In this paper, the axial stiffness of the marman clamp system was calculated byExpand
Study on Transfer Law of Spacecraft Shock Response
In order to study the transfer law of spacecraft pyrotechnic shock response, taking communication satellite as an example, the shock acceleration data of satellite deck with different distance fromExpand
Effects of Stone-Wales and vacancy defects in fracture behavior of defective graphene
Graphene has much higher mechanical strength than other materials, but can be significantly influenced by the vacancy defect or Stone-Wales defect in the lattices. In this paper, we use molecularExpand
Rapid Acoustic-vibration Modelling Methods of Solar Arrays in Satellites
Large components outside satellite body are extremely sensitive to the sound field. As the entire satellite acoustic-vibration (hereinafter referred to as acoustic) model is very complex,Expand
Incident-angle dependence of deformation characteristics of aluminum surface under low-energy xenon-ion impact
Ion thruster is a revolution technology with potential applications in space mission but the thruster’s operation lifetime is limited by the sputtering from thruster components. In this work,Expand
Vibration responses of a satellite subjected to acoustic excitation at launch stage
It is shown that it is difficult to predict all-frequency-band acoustic response of complex satellites by an individual method, so a combined method was proposed in this paper and the damping loss factor model of panels with equipment was introduced to resolve the issue of on-board equipment modelling in the statistical energy analysis model. Expand