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An efficient algorithm for cyclic convolution based on fast-polynomial and fast-W transforms
This paper first presents a fastW-transform (FWT) algorithm for computing one-dimensional cyclic and skew-cyclic convolutions. By using this FWT in conjunction with the fast polynomial transformExpand
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Real transform algorithm for computing discrete circular deconvolution
We develop a real transform algorithm for calculating the discrete circular deconvolution by substituting the fast Fourier transform (FFT) defined in the complex domain. Expand
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Mechanical Properties and Thermal Shock Resistance of Rhenium Coating in Iridium/Rhenium/Carbon-carbon Composites
Abstract Rhenium is a promising coating material for liquid rocket nozzles because of its extremely superior performance, such as high melting point, high temperature strength and excellent fatigueExpand
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Numerical Simulation of Armored Material Equivalent Under the Action of Shaped Charge
It is difficult to implement the material equivalent using the method of experiment in the field of the target damage research. This paper uses a simulation method based on non-linear dynamicalExpand
Analysis for Blast Resistance and Damage Mode of Reinforced Concrete Slab Subjected to Explosive Load
The damage of RC slab subjected to blast load was simulated by using LD-DYNA software to obtain three damage modes under different explosive charge volumes and distances.The relationships of RCExpand
Numerical Simulations of Dynamic Power for A HEAT
The whole process that RHA and aluminum targets are penetrated by a kind of shaped warhead is simulated with AUTODYN-2D interactive nonlinear dynamics analysis software.The RHA up to 450mm andExpand