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Software changes are inevitable during the process of software evolution. To accommodate the changes in the software process, it is necessary to analyze the impacts of the changes. Software change impact analysis (CIA) is a key technique for identifying unpredicted and potential effects caused by changes made to software. CIA allows developers assessing the(More)
This paper presents a hardware-efficient and highthroughput quantization implementation for H.264/AVC high profiles encoder. The constant multiplication in quantization is accomplished by time-multiplexed multiple-constant multipliers (MUX-MCM). By rational pipeline decision, the proposed design manages to achieve a high throughput at a low area cost.(More)
This paper describes an approach of supplier selection based on multi-agent system. In the supply chain, the suppliers are various, and the frequency of supply and demand is high. Our approach can make Buy-Agent find a suitable Supply-Agent. First, the method of the multilayer classification is adopted to organize and group the information about the(More)
To solve the gigantic and complicated project management problems of Manufacturing Corporation, authors combine theory with the practical situation of project management, apply arithmetic of Hierarchical Network Planning method. This method based on Lingo can optimize the time limit and time limit-cost. Through applying the shortest path theory and random(More)
The scene improvement of productive process is an indispensable aspect for an enterprise. It is the foundation and guarantee of the enterprise’s operation and management's success. In this paper, based on the analysis of Jiefang Truck engine production packaging lines, the logistics of the production line, flat layout, handling, balance and work(More)
The focus of the software development technology based on components is the identification and assembly of components. The formalized descriptions of the component, including data and computing descriptions, are studied using the theory and method of category. The focus is the unified description of component computing (i.e. component function). The unified(More)
This thesis is based on a real estate project to study and resolve to meet the requirements of the project choice of advertising media. First, the media are available for selection analysis to determine the choice of media types, followed by the establishment of operations research model for media selection, and finally solve the model using slover and(More)
Software testing includes static testing and dynamic testing. The static testing needn't run the program to be tested. The static analysis belongs to static testing, whose purpose is to collect program's information in order to do further analysis. This paper aims at analyzing the structure for java program and gaining the information at three different(More)
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