Jiang Xin

Jin-Wen Shen1
Wei Hongyu1
Tan Mingsheng1
1Jin-Wen Shen
1Wei Hongyu
1Tan Mingsheng
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The purpose of this study is to gain understanding of the relationship between ejaculation and serum testosterone level in men. The serum testosterone concentrations of 28 volunteers were investigated daily during abstinence periods after ejaculation for two phases. The authors found that the fluctuations of testosterone levels from the 2nd to 5th day of(More)
Several types of posterior approaches have been adopted for occipitocervical fusion. Prior to this study, Foerater et al. in 1927 used a fibular strut graft in the site between the occiput and the lower cervical spine to achieve fusion. Since then, various techniques including wrings, Hartshill loop, AO reconstructive plate, and AXIS occipital plate were(More)
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