Jiang Shi-jin

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The novel H5N2 influenza virus, CA/SD/JT01/09, was isolated from the dog exhibiting respiratory signs in China in 2009. Dog to dog transmission of the novel H5N2 was previously confirmed. But interspecies transmission of the virus between dogs and the other animals has still remained unclear. To determine whether the virus can be transmitted directly from(More)
In mid-August 2013, two H9N2 influenza viruses, named A/mink/Shandong/F6/2013 (Mk/SD/F6/13) and A/mink/Shandong/F10/2013 (Mk/SD/F10/13), were isolated from lung samples of 2 of 45 farmed mink exhibiting respiratory signs in mideastern Shandong province, China. The seroprevalence of antibodies to H9N2 in mink was 20% (53/265). Based on sequence analysis, the(More)
Based on the assumption that the transmitted symbols are independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.). we develop a simple subspace-based blind channel estimation technique for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems by utilizing nonredundant linear block precoding. A novel contribution is that the proposed method can be applied for(More)
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