Jiang Shen

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The present study was designed to investigate the effects of ketamine on lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced depressive-like behavior and the expression of inflammatory cytokines in the rat prefrontal cortex. Thirty male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 3 groups (n=10): saline group (S group), LPS only group (L group) and LPS plus ketamine group (LK(More)
To investigate the differentiation potential of purified CD90+ cells sorted from adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs), CD90+ cells were sorted from rabbit ADSCs using flow cytometry. Then, cell expansion of CD90+ cells and unsorted ADSCs was observed using an inverted microscope. Furthermore, cell surface markers including CD40, CD105, and CD90 on CD90+ cells(More)
The effect of cobalt on the structural properties of intermetallic Tb₃Fe(₂₇.₄-x)Co(x)V₁.₆ with Nd₃(Fe,Ti)₂₉ structure has been studied by using interatomic pair potentials obtained through the lattice inversion method. Calculated results show that the preferential occupation site of the V atom is found to be the 4i(Fe3) site, and Fe atoms are substituted(More)
The research aims to explore the impact of cold acclimation and storage temperature on crucian carp in a waterless preservation. It is conducted by studying the influence of cold acclimation on crucian carp in temperatures of 5 and 1 °C h−1, followed by having them preserved under waterless conditions at 4 and 0 °C for 24 h to analyze their aerobic and(More)
The structural stability of ternary compounds Nd 2 Fe 17Àx Cr x is evaluated by using a series of quasi-ab initio interatomic potentials. The results show that the substitution of Cr atoms for Fe almost does not change the crystal symmetry significantly and the calculated structural parameters of Nd 2 Fe 17Àx Cr x correspond well to experimental data. The(More)
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