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Interleukin (IL)-1 is known to be a cytokine which plays a major role in pathological conditions like septic shock, inflammation and auto-immune disease, hence, methods that reduce the activity of IL-1 have an impact on clinical medicine. Inhibiting the binding of IL-1 to IL-1 receptors is one of the methods. A new inhibitor of IL-1 receptor, 139A, was(More)
Activation of the formyl-peptide receptor-like (FPRL) 1 pathway has recently gained high recognition for its significance in therapy of inflammatory diseases. Agonism at FPRL1 affords a beneficial effect in animal models of acute inflammatory conditions, as well as in chronic inflammatory diseases. TIPMFVPESTSKLQKFTSWFM-amide (CGEN-855A) is a novel 21-amino(More)
The market for selling reusable products (e.g., car rental, cloud services and network access resources) is growing rapidly over the last few years, where service providers maximize their revenues through setting the optimal prices. While there has been lots of research on pricing optimization, existing works often ignore dynamic property of demand and the(More)
Sponsored search auctions (SSAs) have attracted a lot of research attention in recent years and different equilibrium concepts have been studied in order to understand advertisers’ bidding strategies. However, the assumption that advertisers are perfectly rational in these studies is unrealistic in the real world. In this work, we apply the quantal response(More)
Dendritic cell(DC) is a kind of natural immunocyte, and also is a kind of typical antigen presenting cell, which can stimulate and inhibit immune system. The function of the dendritic cell in the human body can be abstractly extracted as an dendritic cell algorithm(DCA). In this paper we try to extract a new immune algorithm based on the dendritic cell.(More)
Risk can conduce to failure of software project, and make a loss for the enterprise. It is a focus topic for software engineering researchers. Developer turnover risk is a great risk at the process of software project, yet, few scholars pay attention to it. We can use information entropy to measure effectively the uniformity of each subsystem. In this(More)
METHOD: We used LC-MS/MS and MALDI-TOF-MS analysis to identify and quantify a novel N-linked tetrasccharide linked to the protein core, an N-tetrasaccharide (Neu5Ac 2,6Gal 1,4-GlcNAc 1,4GlcNAc) in plasma, serum glycoproteins, and a fibroblast lysate from patients with CDG caused by ALG1 (ALG1, chitobiosyldiphosphodolichol -mannosyltransferase), PMM2(More)
Reserve price is an effective tool for revenue maximization in ad auctions. The optimal reserve price depends on bidders’ value distributions, which, however, are generally unknown to auctioneers. A common practice for auctioneers is to first collect information about the value distributions by a sampling procedure and then apply the reserve price estimated(More)
Two methods of test with LMS vibration test system and simulation with ANSYS software were used to study the modals of drum washing machine cabinet, and the double results are compliance well. The error of natural frequencies of the cabinet obtained with the two methods is no more than 6.1%. The deformation of the given cabinet structure is very obvious for(More)