Jiang-Rong Xu

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Mediterranean flour moth, Ephestia kuehniella, is a cosmopolitan pest of stored products, and its eggs are widely used to rear parasitoids and predators for biological control programmes. This experiment investigated how larval population density affected the survival rate and reproductive output of this species under four rearing densities ( larva per 2 g(More)
The control of spiral breakup due to Doppler instability is investigated. It is found that applying an alternating advective field with suitable amplitude and period can prevent the breakup of spiral waves. Further numerical simulations show that the growing meandering behavior of a spiral tip caused by decreasing the excitability of the medium can be(More)
Suppression of spiral and turbulence in inhomogeneous media due to local heterogeneity with higher excitability is investigated numerically. When the inhomogeneity is small, control tactics by boundary periodic forcing (BPF) is effective against the existing spiral and turbulence. When the inhomogeneity of excitability is large, a rotating electric field(More)
We study the nonequilibrium dynamics of colloidal system with short-range depletion attraction and screened electrostatic repulsion on a disordered substrate. We find a growth-melting process of the clusters as the temperature is increased. By strengthening the screened electrostatic repulsion, a depinning transition from moving cluster to plastic flow is(More)
Influences of periodic mechanical deformation (PMD) on spiral breakup that results from Doppler instability in excitable media are investigated. We present a new effect: a high degree of homogeneous PMD is favored to prevent the low-excitability-induced breakup of spiral waves. The frequency and amplitude of PMD are also significant for achieving this(More)
A 13-year-old girl presented headache for 5 d upon admission to hospital. An initial CT revealed 3 lesions located in her skull, the sizes of which were 2.5 cm×3.2 cm,1.2 cm×1.0 cm,0.3 cm×0.3 cm, respectively. The largest lesion was resected by surgery and confirmed as eosinophilic granuloma by pathology. After surgery, she took oral indomethacin 25 mg(More)
Cranioplasty is one of the oldest and most common surgeries. Cranioplasty materials developed with this surgery. Many kinds of material have been applied to cranioplasty such as gold, silver, aluminum, lead, platinum, titanium, autogenous bone, allograft, acrylic resin, polyethylene, silicone rubber, carol, ceramic, hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate(More)
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