Jiang-Qin Hu

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This study reports the direct regeneration of flower buds from cultured sepal segments of Sinningia speciosa Hiern. Two types of floral bud regeneration were observed: regeneration of floral buds only (designed as BF) and regeneration of both floral and vegetative buds (designed as BF+V). The capacity of BF regeneration was closely related to the location(More)
pea-MADS4 (PEAM4) regulates floral morphology in Pisum sativum L., however, its molecular mechanisms still remain unclear. Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) is a recently developed reverse genetic approach that facilities an easier and more rapid study of gene functions. In this study, the PEAM4 gene was effectively silenced by VIGS using a pea early(More)
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