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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Our group recently synthesized a new, low-cost photosensitizer, chlorophyllin f. In this study, the effects of chlorophyllin f-mediated photodynamic therapy (PDT) and its potential mechanisms were examined in human bladder cancer cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS MitoTracker® Green probe and LysoTracker® Green probe were used to label(More)
Urolithiasis is a common urologic disease whose prevalence is about 1–20% and increasing throughout the world. The recurrence rate after treatment is more than 50%. Urinary stone analysis is important in determining the possible etiology and the pathophysiology of stone formation. A better understanding of the stone composition may help prevent urinary(More)
The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of the agent SU-11248 (sunitinib malate) in the course from non-castration to castration LNCaP xenograft prostate tumors. BALB/c nude mice were injected with human androgen-dependent prostate cancer cell line (LNCaP) and divided into two groups: castration and non-castration. Then the LNCaP-bearing mice were(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE It is vital for astronauts to develop effective countermeasures to prevent their decline of cognitive performance in microgravity to make space-flight missions successful. The traditional Chinese herbal formula Kai Xin San (KXS) has been used to treat amnesia for thousands years. It is a traditional complex prescription(More)
With the advancement in science and technology and the ever increasing demand for energy, the development and applications of electric vehicles has become more and more extensive. The application of a large number of electric vehicles will have a significant impact on the electric power grid. This paper analyzes the factors that influence the access of(More)
Background Previous studies suggested a high prevalence of STDIs including HIV among female sex workers and men who have sex with men in China but little was known about the scale in male patients attending public STD clinics. This aim of this study was to investigate STD patterns and HIV prevalence among male STD clinic attendees in different areas in(More)
In this study, we investigated the neuroprotective effect of oxysophoridine on ischemia and ischemia-like insults. Protection by oxysophoridine was studied at the in vivo level using a model of middle cerebral artery occlusion in mice and at the in vitro level using primary rat hippocampal neuronal cultures exposed to oxygen-glucose deprivation, a model of(More)
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