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In vitro identification of the human cytochrome p450 enzymes involved in the oxidative metabolism of loxapine
In vitro studies were conducted to identify the hepatic cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes responsible for the oxidative metabolism of loxapine to 8‐hydroxyloxapine, 7‐hydroxyloxapine, N‐desmethylloxapineExpand
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One-Pot Synthesis of Cu-Nanocluster-Decorated Brookite TiO2 Quasi-Nanocubes for Enhanced Activity and Selectivity of CO2 Photoreduction to CH4.
A new kind of metallic Cu-loaded brookite TiO2 composite, in which Cu nanoclusters with a small size of 1-3 nm are decorated on brookite TiO2 quasi nanocube (BTN) surfaces (hereafter referred to asExpand
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Quantitative assessment of bladder neck compliance by using transvaginal real-time elastography of women.
To assess the feasibility of using ultrasound real-time elastography (RTE) to measure bladder neck compliance, we performed real-time elastography measurements by manually applying repetitiveExpand
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Pharmacophore‐based virtual screening, molecular docking, molecular dynamics simulation, and biological evaluation for the discovery of novel BRD4 inhibitors
Bromodomain is a recognition module in the signal transduction of acetylated histone. BRD4, one of the bromodomain members, is emerging as an attractive therapeutic target for several types ofExpand
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