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In this paper we address datacast transmission over the second generation digital video broadcasting via satellite (DVB-S2). In particular, two novel cross-layer architectures are proposed and justified for a railway scenario that allow unicast services in addition to broadcast and multicast services. The architectures allow for quality of service (QoS)(More)
In this paper, we analyze the performance improvement of the Second Generation Digital Video Broadcasting via Satellite (DVB-S2) when applying Forward Error Correction (FEC). DVB-S2 was designed for fixed terminals and thus we apply FEC at the Link Layer (LL) level in order to achieve reliable reception in mobile environment. Specifically, we focus on the(More)
Node Security is very important because there are many kinds of node behavior coexisting in an unknown network. Most of node trust evaluation existing is based on energy element and communication element, which is not sufficient to describe behavior security of a node. This paper evaluates node trust value by the node behavior effect on network security. It(More)
This paper presents a new method to estimate the number of signals impinging on a uniform linear array based on the beam eigenvalue method (BEM). The source number estimation is an essential premise of high resolution DOA (direction of arrival) estimation. All these existing methods to estimate the source number arc based on the covariance matrix of(More)
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