Jiang Lan

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While the current generation of peer-to-peer networks share predominantly static files, future peer-to-peer networks will support sharing of files that are modified frequently by their users. In this paper, we present techniques to maintain temporal consistency of replicated files in a peer-to-peer network. We consider the Gnutella P2P network and present(More)
Cell therapies based on focal delivery of the inhibitory neuromodulator adenosine were previously shown to provide potent seizure suppression in animal models of epilepsy. However, hitherto used therapeutic cells were derived from rodents and thus not suitable for clinical applications. Autologous patient-derived adenosine-releasing cell implants would(More)
—The joule balance, an approach for precisely measuring the Planck constant at the National Institute of Metrology (NIM), China, is currently limited by the self-heating of the coil when the measuring current flows. To solve this heating problem, a superconducting coil has been built to replace the existing fixed coil wound with enameled copper wire. The(More)
The frontal cortex is recognized as the highest adaptive control center of the human brain. The principle of the "frontalization" of human brain function offers new possibilities for brain research in space. There is evolutionary and experimental evidence indicating the validity of the principle, including it's role in nervous response to gravitational(More)
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