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While the current generation of peer-to-peer networks share predominantly static files, future peer-to-peer networks will support sharing of files that are modified frequently by their users. In this paper, we present techniques to maintain temporal consistency of replicated files in a peer-to-peer network. We consider the Gnutella P2P network and present(More)
—The joule balance, an approach for precisely measuring the Planck constant at the National Institute of Metrology (NIM), China, is currently limited by the self-heating of the coil when the measuring current flows. To solve this heating problem, a superconducting coil has been built to replace the existing fixed coil wound with enameled copper wire. The(More)
To protect data users stored on cloud platform, a new access control method that combines Oakley algorithm and a hierarchical scheme by privilege was proposed. CP-ABE algorithm, Oakley protocol and hierarchical management by privilege were integrated creatively to a new effective and secure access control model (OHB-model). The proposed scheme supported(More)
To evaluate accurately the drilling status that affect safety of oil well drilling and reduce the occurrence rate of drilling accidents, this paper firstly analyzes the factors which affect the safety of drilling to determine the drilling safety evaluation indexes. Then it adopts analytic hierarchy process to construct a drilling safety evaluation model,(More)