Jiang Hui

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For the purpose of screening putative anthracnose resistance-related genes of ramie (Boehmeria nivea L. Gaud), a cDNA library was constructed by suppression subtractive hybridization using anthracnose-resistant cultivar Huazhu no. 4. The cDNAs from Huazhu no. 4, which were infected with Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, were used as the tester and cDNAs from(More)
In this paper the composite model GMRVV-SVR has been adopted to predict financial time series with such characteristics as poor information, small sample size, high noise, non-stationary, non-linearity, and varying associated risk. In construction of GMRVV-SVR, the common grey model with revised verge value (GMRVV) has been introduced and modified by(More)
Controlling system is the core of electric vehicles. Performance of the controller determines the character of the whole system. Based on the research of driving and regenerating circuit topology for permanent brushless DC motor (BLDCM), regenerating braking electric vehicle controller is designed. In order to improve the stability and reliability of the(More)
Current transformer (CT) saturation may result in the distortion of CT secondary current, which will give rise to improper operation of relay protection devices in power system. In this paper, a novel scheme is proposed to detect CT saturation and assess the level of saturation. After analyzing the probability distribution of current sampling data, it is(More)
  • Jiang Hui
  • 2015
This paper analyzes the use of Augmented Reality technology and Augmented Reality 3D interior model for interior design. According to the feature of interior design, the best way to share the concept of an interior design project to customer in the conceptual design stage is to perform it in a vivid 3D prototype. The traditional 3D interior space prototypes(More)
Social Networks have become embedded in our daily life so much that we no longer realize it. But researches on the structures of networks are correspondingly fewer than their statistical properties, however, the studies of structural features are necessary and significant. Here we present an approach to study the structures of social networks based on(More)
This paper analyzed the traffic accident which offen happened in bad weather conditions and put forward measures. The vehicle's speed limit value is calculated according to the auto brake mathematical model, the weather visibility and the variation of surface adhesion coefficient. In order to realize the vehicles safe driving in different sections according(More)
With the infinite yearning for product performances in microelectronics and chemicals, increasing integration level of microelectronic products has brought the fatal problem of heat dissipation. In order to meet high-power chips' heat dissipation, in this paper, micro heat pipe with trapezium-grooved wick was digitally described first, then mathematical(More)
In Low-Power and Lossy Networks (LLNs), memory constraints on routers may limit them to maintaining, at most, a few routes. In some configurations, it is necessary to use these memory-constrained routers to deliver datagrams to nodes within the LLN. The Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL) can be used in some deployments to store most, if(More)
Proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) is proposed to decompose and reconstruct multidimensional electroencephalo-graph (EEG) signal. With this method, EEG signal can be represented by orthonomal basis, eigenfuction mode and main coordinate component. The eigenfuction mode is deterministic functions of spatial information, and the main coordinate component(More)