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Medical images in digital form must be stored in a secure way to preserve stringent image quality standards and prevent unauthorised disclosure of patient data. This paper proposes a multiple watermarking method to serve these purposes. A multiple watermark consists of an annotation part and a fragile part. Encrypted patient data can be embedded in an(More)
The essential performance metrics of a robust watermark include robustness, imperceptibility, watermark capacity and security. In addition, computational cost is important for practicality. Wavelet-based image watermarking methods exploit the frequency information and spatial information of the transformed data in multiple resolutions to gain robustness.(More)
With the rapid growth of multimedia application, there has been significantly bared a crucial need for effective copyright protection mechanisms. Therefore, digital image, video, audio and text watermarking has recently become a very active research area of signal and information processing, as a solution to this problem. Many important issues have been(More)
Hiding watermark information in medical image data files is one method of enhancing security and protecting patient privacy. However the research area of medical image watermarking has not been particularly active, partly due to concerns that any distortion could effect the diagnostic value of the medical image. These concerns can be address by ensuring(More)
Digital watermarking techniques have been proposed to protect the copyright of multimedia data. Robustness against geometric distortion is one of the most important issues to be solved to increase the robustness of digital image watermarking systems. Such attacks are very simple to implement, so they can defeat most existing watermarking algorithms without(More)
The growth of internet communications, multimedia storage capacity, and software sophistication triggered the need to protect intellectual property in digital media. Digital watermark can be inserted into images for copyright protection, copy protection, tamper detection and authentication. Unfortunately, geometrical robustness in digital image watermarking(More)
A hybrid watermark that consists of a robust part and a fragile part can be used to serve multiple purposes. The robust part can protect copyright information, the fragile part can detect tampering, and their combination enables identification of attacks encountered. This paper analyses an overlap and a non-overlap implementation of the robust and fragile(More)
This paper proposed an image-based visual servo approach for a high precise tele-assembly task on TTRP (Nankai teleoperation/telegame robot platform). And it is proven that the visual servo approach developed by the paper guarantees stability of the position error asymptotically. Moreover, to enhance the robustness of the visual servo method for(More)
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