Jiang Brandon Liu

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An incremental simulation-based approach to fault diagnosisand logic debugging is presented. During each iterationof the algorithm, a single suspicious location is identifiedand fault modeled such that the functionality of the newdesign becomes "closer" to its specification. The methodis based on a simple and, at a first glance, counter-intuitivetheoretical(More)
With increasing chip interconnect distances, open-interconnect is becoming an important defect. The main challenge with open-interconnects stems from its non-deterministic real-life behavior. In this work, we present an efficient diagnostic technique for multiple open-interconnects. The algorithm proceeds in two phases. During the first phase, potential(More)
Fault diagnosis is important in improving the circuit-design process and the manufacturing yield. Diagnosis of today's complex defects is a challenging problem due to the explosion of the underlying solution space with the increasing number of fault locations and fault models. To tackle this complexity, an incremental diagnosis method is proposed. This(More)
Test model generation is crucial in the test generation process of a high-performance design targeted for large volume production. A key process in test model generation requires the extraction of a gate-level (logic) model from the transistor level representation of the circuit under test. Logic extraction is an error prone process due to extraction tool(More)
As timing requirements in today's advanced VLSI designs become more aggressive, the need for automated tools to diagnose timing failures increases. This work presents two such algorithms capable of diagnosing multiple delay faults. One method uses multiple transition fault models and the other reasons with ternary logic values, thus achieving model(More)
In today's complex and challenging VLSI design process , multiple logic errors may occur due to the human factor and bugs in CAD tools. The designer often faces the challenge of correcting an erroneous design implementation. This study describes a simulation-based logic debugging solution for com-binational circuits corrupted with multiple design errors.(More)
A new kind of multifunctional radioactive nuclide diagnostic instrument is described here, which can make noninvasive measurements on the metabolic functions of five most important inner organs which are kidney, liver, heart and thyroid. The design of the hardware and software of the new instrument embodies many advanced advantages such as multifunctional(More)