Jianfeng Zhao

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Compared with the three-phase, two-split-capacitor active power filter (3P2C-APF), the three-phase, four-leg active power filter (3P4L-APF) has been widely used in three-phase, four-wire grid utility for power quality control due to its numerous advantages, such as higher current output capability, particularly in phase N, lower current and easier voltage(More)
A pair of new phenolic acid stereoisomers, (R)-norsalvianolic acid L (1) and (S)-norsalvianolic acid L (2), was isolated from the Danshen Injection (lyophilized powder). The structural elucidation and stereochemistry determination were achieved by spectroscopic and chemical methods including 1D, 2D NMR (1H-1H COSY, HSQC and HMBC) and circular dichroism(More)
Corpora cavernosum smooth muscle cells (CCSMCs) have been shown to play a critical role in the male erectile response and are involved in the pathogenesis of multiple causes of erectile dysfunction (ED). To investigate the underlying mechanisms, we studied the changes that CCSMCs undergo under hypoxic conditions in vitro. The identified and characterized(More)
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