Jianfeng Zhao

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It's an basic requirement in cloud computing that scheduling virtual resources to physical resources with balance load, however, the simple scheduling methods can not meet this requirement. This paper proposed a virtual resources scheduling model and solved it by advanced Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II (NSGA II). This model was evaluated by(More)
Compared with the three-phase, two-split-capacitor active power filter (3P2C-APF), the three-phase, four-leg active power filter (3P4L-APF) has been widely used in three-phase, four-wire grid utility for power quality control due to its numerous advantages, such as higher current output capability, particularly in phase N, lower current and easier voltage(More)
Task Scheduling is a critical problem in cloud computing platforms. Traditional algorithms mainly focus on shortening the makespan, but seldom mention the energy consumption. This paper proposes a duplication based method to reach multiple targets, including reducing the executing time and energy cost. The main algorithms used are genetic algorithm and ant(More)
Cloud computing is usually used to describe the large-scale distributed infrastructure, platform and software services provided by third party, which is a hot topic in IT area in recent year. However, it is disputable in industrial and academic area that what is cloud computing and whether it is a novel technology. This paper attempts to draw a clear(More)
New technologies are becoming available to reduce the frequency of crashes. They may be vehicle based or road based and will involve a variety of levels of information provision to drivers and increasing levels of control over the vehicle. Vehicle systems under development include Intelligent Speed Control, Lane keeping, Adaptive Cruise Control, night(More)
Corpora cavernosum smooth muscle cells (CCSMCs) have been shown to play a critical role in the male erectile response and are involved in the pathogenesis of multiple causes of erectile dysfunction (ED). To investigate the underlying mechanisms, we studied the changes that CCSMCs undergo under hypoxic conditions in vitro. The identified and characterized(More)