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Although its precise functional contribution to reading remains unclear, there is broad consensus that an activity in the left mid-fusiform gyrus is highly sensitive to written words and word-like stimuli. In the current study, we take advantage of a particularity of the Chinese writing system in order to manipulate word-likeness parametrically, from real(More)
Cognitive models of reading all assume some division of labor among processing pathways in mapping among print, sound and meaning. Many studies of the neural basis of reading have used task manipulations such as rhyme or synonym judgment to tap these processes independently. Here we take advantage of specific properties of the Chinese writing system to test(More)
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies of speech sound categorization often compare conditions in which a stimulus is presented repeatedly to conditions in which multiple stimuli are presented. This approach has established that a set of superior temporal and inferior parietal regions respond more strongly to conditions containing stimulus(More)
Many theoretical models of reading assume that different writing systems require different processing assumptions. For example, it is often claimed that print-to-sound mappings in Chinese are not represented or processed sub-lexically. We present a connectionist model that learns the print to sound mappings of Chinese characters using the same functional(More)
In the visual word recognition literature, it is well understood that various stimulus effects interact with behavioral task. For example, effects of word frequency are exaggerated and effects of spelling-to-sound regularity are reduced in the lexical decision task, relative to reading aloud. Neuroimaging studies of reading often examine effects of task and(More)
In this study, we tested the underlying mechanisms of early emotional prosody perception, especially examined whether change detection in oddball paradigm was caused by emotional category and physical properties. Using implicit oddball paradigms, the current study manipulated the cues for detecting deviant stimuli from standards in three conditions: the(More)
Differences in how writing systems represent language raise important questions about whether there could be a universal functional architecture for reading across languages. In order to study potential language differences in the neural networks that support reading skill, we collected fMRI data from readers of alphabetic (English) and morpho-syllabic(More)
Although its role is frequently stressed in acoustic profile for vocal emotion, sound intensity is frequently regarded as a control parameter in neurocognitive studies of vocal emotion, leaving its role and neural underpinnings unclear. To investigate these issues, we asked participants to rate the angry level of neutral and angry prosodies before and after(More)
—To support real-time communication, multi-radio multi-channel city-wide WMNs (Wireless Mesh Networks) are studied in this paper. In the studied WMNs, a WMN router is equipped with two communication interfaces/radios, one is working on 2.4GHz for the client accessing, and the other is working on 5GHz for the backhaul communication. First, a greedy static(More)