Jianfeng Tang

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This paper presents our research results of visualizing 3D city model in a web explorer environment under the supports of digital building model (DBM), digital terrain model (DTM), large-scale true urban orthoimage, and actual building sidewall pictures. A system has initially been designed and developed under a client/server architecture, which integrates(More)
Archon is a federation of physics collections with varying degrees of metadata richness. Archon uses the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAIPMH) to harvest metadata from distributed archives. The architecture of Archon is largely based on another OAIPMH digital library: Arc, a cross archive search service. However, Archon provides(More)
This paper reveal the secret of NoSQL. The CAP theorem, the BASE theorem and the Eventual Consistency theorem construct the foundation stone of NoSQL Cassandra is one kind of NoSQL databases, It is used by Twitter, Facebook and some other famous corporations. Taking it for example, this online trading system is based on Cassandra database. I'll design and(More)
In this paper, we report on our experience with the creation of an automated, human-assisted process to extract metadata from documents in a large (>100,000), dynamically growing collection. Such a collection may be expected to be heterogeneous, both statically heterogeneous (containing documents in a variety of formats) and dynamically heterogeneous(More)
Mainframe Application is widely used in the SOA environment. By discussing the Adapt transition method to transit the mainframe 3270 application to the SOA environment, the mainframe application usage in the SOA environment is proposed. Based on the above illustration, a use case --a Catalog Application which discusses the whole process about how to publish(More)
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