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Real-time analytics are becoming increasingly important due to the large amount of data that is being created continuously. Drawing from our experiences at Huawei Noah's Ark Lab, we present and demonstrate here StreamDM, a new open source data mining and machine learning library, designed on top of Spark Streaming, an extension of the core Spark API that(More)
Service Oriented Architecture is currently regarded as the next step for software architectures and achieve great usage in web services. However, the traditional SOA uses request/response pattern and is not suit for loose coupling, asynchronous scene while Even-Driven Architecture works well. To support the effective execution of possibly distributed and(More)
WeChat is one of the most popular mobile messaging applications worldwide. However, due to the proprietary nature of WeChat, its characteristics and performance impact on cellular networks remain largely unexplored. This paper presents the first measurement study that dissects real-world WeChat traffic in a cellular network. We build ChatDissect, a protocol(More)
The amount of 3G MBB data has grown from 15 to 20 times in the past two years. Thus, real-time processing of these data is becoming increasingly necessary. The overhead of storage and file transfer to HDFS, delay in processing, and etc make off-line analysis inefficient. Analysis of these datasets are non-trivial, examples include personal recommendation,(More)
Si has been considered as a promising alternative anode for next-generation lithium ion batteries (LIBs), but the commercial application of Si anodes is still limited due to their poor cyclability. In this paper, we propose a new strategy to enhance the long-term cyclability of Si anode by embedding nano-Si particles into a Li(+)-conductive polymer to form(More)
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The air by-pass rate is one of the important parameters in the heat pump drying system with close air circulation.Considering the characteristics of dehumidifying and energy consumption,the optimization model has been deduced with specific power consumption (SPC) as objective function.On the basis of one example optimized by genetic algorithms,the optimum(More)
In this work we leverage the advantages of the Chord DHT to build a content-based publish-subscribe system that is scalable, self-organizing, and well-performing. However, DHTs provide very good support only for exact-match, equality predicates and range predicates are expected to be very popular when specifying subscriptions in pub/sub systems We will thus(More)
Publish/subscribe systems form an important communication paradigms in distributed systems. However, how to leverage current chip multi-processors to increase throughput and reduce the matching time still need further research. In this paper, we present and implement two types of parallel matching algorithms. Experiments show that relatively independent(More)